IT resellers

Our staff have worked in the industry for many years and we’re tired of the inefficiencies.

We’re not going to make a lot of friends in the industry in increasing the competitiveness of an already competitive environment, but we have worked in the reseller and distribution channel can confirm that right now when you’re buying kit, maintenance or consumables from most (if not all) resellers/SIs you’re paying for their accounts team, sales support teams, multiple levels of management and even their onsite baristas in some cases.

In most cases, your purchase of a few Cisco switches may have anywhere from 5 to 20 people touch the transaction, and all will need to be paid, from your business’ IT budget.

How much should you pay?

We think that even 10% is probably too much for a standard purchase you could make with anyone. Why not reduce your outlay and use these additional funds in improving skills or reinvest these funds into additional projects.