Business in the ‘data age’

We have seen many businesses jump up in the modern age, we see the phrase that ‘data is the new oil’ and other somewhat inflammatory phrases to the old gate keepers of industry. Yet we cannot argue on what we see, Facebook has extraordinary valuations and they have data and advertising, Google whilst they create and develop various new technologies primarily make their money from data and advertising.

Uber doesn’t own the fleet of vehicles, yet they dwarf the local taxi industries in most areas, AirBnB provide accommodation yet do not own any real estate. This is a fundamental shift from where we valued companies based on their physical assets. Even Qantas despite various economic issues over the years have nest egg, not of their billion dollars plus of physical assets, but their data from the frequent flyer program.

It is not surprising that economies no longer value these commoditised physical assets. Yet it is each companies intellectual property which no now is being recognised as valuable, this may be your data or your processes, so long as it is differentiated or new in the marketplace.

I have been deliberating on all this for many months and it has been a major motivator for me to look at improving and changing the way that IT is procured in the enterprise space. Most large IT resellers/SI/MSPs may have 10-20 people touch a simple transaction for a few thousand dollars. So, why should you the business be paying for these inefficiencies? Not to mention the massive time delays in actually processing an order? At Simple, we can get you onto our procurement portal and processing an order within 2 minutes, rather than the 2-6 week turnarounds you may see elsewhere.