Simple has been developed through years of experience we have acquired working in the enterprise IT space.

So what? Well, we work smarter and provide you with a Simple service. We’re sure, if you have procured through an IT provider with ‘data’ in their name you may be familiar with the following:

Legacy resellers/SIs Simple
Slow to quote Instant quotation (well 2 minutes) through a self-service portal
Lack of automation Automated and completely digitised systems and processes
High overheads Our digitised processes do not require multiple staff to process your quotations and orders

Our people

Nicholas Staudt – Founder

Nick has worked in IT for most of his life, though he had a brief stint the legal field, he has always had a love of IT. Since learning HTML in high school, he has worked in various IT roles. Nick has been a programmer, tester, analyst, manager, account executive and business development manager. He has a keen love of bodybuilding, strongman and powerlifting.

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