The Future

1. Automation

Leveraging APIs and webhooks from your current CRM, accounting systems, email systems, messaging applications, calling applications provides a rich environment to enhance the client and employee experience via way of automations and integrations. Example, Incoming phone call to your business, you can then pull your client's data from your CRM and present that to your staff seamlessly.

2. Machine learning

Utilising machine learning and the current input and output from your operation teams we begin training our AI models to handle the same input as your operations teams. We then utilising our RPA systems to replicate the SOPs (standard operating procedures) to automate large sections of your staff workloads.

3. Managed

Our staff manage the process of developing the bots/automations, as well as maintaining the functionality and monitoring the automated systems for any bugs/errors/exceptions. We provide 24x7 monitoring and SLAs to our clients in ensuring your automations are operating smoothly. 

4. Governance

Automation and AI can become complex to manage with numerous legal, risk and governance implications. Many considerations may need to be taken into account. Examples include data sovereignty, privacy, ISO systems, legislation, and audit requirements for agencies/supplier, etc.



Contact our team to provide begin scoping your platforms and operations.

Don't worry if you don't know where to begin, we can monitor your staff to train models and discover SOPs to automate for the best savings to your business.


Our RPA agents will begin learning from your existing staff, the AI models will then adapt based on your current staff inputs and outputs. 


Automations/bots are all trained on what is known, when exceptions occur to what is expected we need to monitor and maintain the bots to ensure your automations are up-to-date, secure and operating as expected.


Our staff monitor your environment and platforms proactively to ensure that any third party integrations are functioning as expected and proactively take into account changes to APIs, webhooks, etc. are made within agreed SLAs.


Our systems are all hosted within Australia. We do have options to deploy to on-prem and local/private clouds. All staff are employed locally in Australia. We enjoy outsourcing your outsourcers, we don't outsource ourselves.

Don't wait

Our staff can provide and obligation free quote and scoping session for your company/team/function, if your systems are cloud based and utilise APIs, your bots can be functioning with a week turnaround.


About us

Simple has provided IT services to Australian businesses and government agencies since the 90s. We have provided third party integrations through to Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office, since that time we have developed our solutions and platforms to automate entire functions and processes that can cost your teams days in monotonous and likely error prone processing.  

Nick Staudt

Nick started his career in IT and then went to law. Nick has contracted and developed financial modeling systems for Deloitte and developed parliamentarian software. Nick possesses proficiencies:

  • trained lawyer
  • experienced manager (finance, IT, sales)
  • finance (modeling, AP, AR)
  • IT (software and hardware)


$150 PM


  • Pay as you go
  • Usage charged
  • DIY development
  • Basic support



  • Annual cost
  • On-prem or cloud
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Pro support

What is RPA?

It's probably not as cool as rap, but Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is pretty fun! When it comes to automation, you can utilise a number of solutions to achieve your goals. Some options can be more difficult and costly, and that's before you take into account the ongoing costs around management, monitoring and maintenance.